Come and unwind at Knit August Mudgee - 26th - 29th August 2021

Who needs to unwind?
Who needs to travel somewhere? Anywhere?
Who wants to hang out with a group of like minded people, knitting, crocheting, drinking, eating and solving all the worlds' problems?
Then read on.....
I was hoping and praying that there would be a travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand this year.
I had my fingers, toes and knees crossed but to no avail.
I was planning on going to KAN - Knit August Nights at Napier NZ with friends and we were going to have SO MUCH FUN!!
When it became obvious that we weren't able to go I decided to organise an Australian event so Knit August Mudgee came into being.
KAM is being held on the same dates as KAN - 26th - 29th August and everyone is welcome to come along.
I will provide information on where I'm staying, eating, visiting etc but won't be responsible for any bookings apart from my own. You are more than welcome to join me wherever I am but you will have to make your own bookings.
Lesley Diskin and 
Elizabeth Clothier 
have kindly offered to donate their time and skills to teach two workshops/tutorials - more details later.
I have been in touch with two stores - Fibre Frolic at Kurrajong and Convent and Chapel at Rylstone and they are looking forward to seeing us.
I am organising a KAM shawl and will be ready to show you this soon. I’m really hoping that we can all make one and wear it in Mudgee. Should we organise a group photo?
I'm staying at Parkland Resort Mudgee - arriving on Thursday 26th and leaving on Sunday 29th August.
The following is a rough draft of my itinerary for Thursday through to Sunday. If you are able to stay longer I'm sure you could find plenty of things to do and places to visit either in or around Mudgee.
We will be driving to Mudgee via  at Kurrajong.
I'm planning on being there at 10am for some yarny shopping and delicious morning tea.
Then on to Mudgee to book into our accommodation and a late lunch in town.
Dinner at a local venue at 6.30 - 7pm
Knitting together somewhere after dinner...maybe a pub, maybe our room.
A morning trip to  and lunch at the local hotel in Rylstone.
Maybe we could settle in for a knitting session at the pub and have a lesson with either Eizabeth Clothier or Lesley Diskin?
Back to Mudgee and dinner at a local venue.
A morning visit to 
Art and Crafts Mudgee
- open 9 - 4 daily.
I'm trying to organise a vineyard lunch - details coming soon.
A mid afternoon knitting session and follow up knitting help with Elizabeth or Lesley.
A visit to the local cheese factory.