Fun Bags of Yarn

Fun Bags of Yarn



Last year was crazy!!

Now that it's January and I have a bit of time I've been able to go through my stash of imperfect yarn.

Imperfections could be as minor as a wrong dye pattern or not enough metres to make a skinny mini. Most will have a knot or two or three or the label might be damaged. The ball or skein might be a little fluffy or it might have been rewound.

Basically they are not in pristine condition but still perfectly fine to knit or crochet with. 

I've decided to make up mixed bags of random yarns and pop them into a calico project bag.

All the yarn will be priced at half or less their retail price so you will be able to grab some great bargains. The final cost will be for the half priced yarn plus the full cost of the project bag. Each project bag is $10.

Each listing will have a photo and detailed instructions of the yarn included. The listing will not include specifications of the project bag which is 30 x 40cm calico with a drawstring.

Each bag will weigh approx. 400g.

Postage is extra and will be added at the checkout.

Your order will be packed in a zip lock plastic bag unless specified otherwise in the notes section at the checkout :)

Your project bag can be changed for any colour or style - please specify your preference in the notes at the checkout.

Project bags are available in different colours and styles - click on the link to have a peek.

Due to limited stock, yarn cannot be changed.

For detailed photos please email me at