A tiny bit about me

Exciting news!!! I have opened a wonderful shop in front of the dye studio so you can come over, shop, hang out and knit or crochet any time you want :)

Hi, I'm Kathryn, the dyer behind The Australian Wool Store.

I'm based in the outskirts of Sydney and live on 5 acres with my family and 3 beautiful Border Collie dogs.

The Australian Wool Store is my happy place. It's my life long dream come true. It's also a lot of hard work - long, long days and a constant struggle to find a balance that works. No complaints from me though, I love to work and I love dyeing yarn. I also get to work in my daggy trakky pants and drink coffee when ever I want - could life get any better?

The Australian Wool Store is an internet based business but I try to attend as many face to face events as possible because yarn is tactile. I get it - you need to feel the yarn and squishing is not only allowed, its encouraged.

I'm naturally a people pleaser, nothing makes me happier than a happy customer. I'm eternally grateful for the love that my customers show me - you guys are the best!!

Some things about me that you'll probably relate to...

I love coffee but I'm not a coffee snob. I drink it black and I'll love you forever if you give me coffee.

My hair is always messy and I never wear make up.

I nearly always wear black though recently, I've started wearing really bright colours - go figure :)

I love, love, love dogs.

I like to stay up late, midnight is when I come alive. It's the perfect time to knit, watch Netflix and have a little snack. This would be the reason why I'm a bit chunky :)

I really like music from the 80's.

I almost won the Seinfeld Trivia Quiz at the local club....well, I came 4th but I was pretty pleased with myself.

I'm not a big fan of shopping except for fun stuff like books, yarn and fabrics. 

I LOVE to travel even though flying makes me incredibly nervous.

I've had to have counselling to move past the grief of losing my Mum. 

I'm aware that life is precious and can end at any time. I try not to waste my time and I try not to let fear dictate what I do with my life. 

Making things makes me happy.