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The Temperature Blanket Diary

Feb 20 Allocating colours. There's been a wee delay with the temperature blanket but I've allocated colours to numbers so I'm ready to go. . I decided to use minimum temperatures because of the wider variety of numbers. I have 25 colours in total. . I tallied the numbers to see which colours were going to be used the most and then spread those colours evenly thoughout the temperatures. . Now to start! Feb 2 2024 Swatch and block. . I've swatched using 3 needle sizes and then blocked the swatch. I lay the swatch flat on the blocking mat and let it dry. There's no point in doing a hard pinned out block because this will be a machine wash...

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Wednesday Night Crochet/Knit Night in the Sutherland Shire

I recently joined a fabulous group called Sutherland Shire Fibre Artists that meet every Wednesday Night at Boyles Hotel Sutherland. I cannot speak highly enough of this warm and welcoming group. Wednesday nights are a highlight of my week because of these wonderful ladies. Sharon created the group a few years ago to create an environment of like minded people to crochet and knit with and in my opinion, it's been a huge success. The Sutherland Shire Fibre Artists Facebook group has over 500 members and is a very active group - If you have any questions please direct them to the admins of the group Sharon Ann Brown or Leanne Massey. Why don't you join us for some friendly...

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Unwind Mudgee - June 16 -19 2022

Ok Unwinders....let's go to Mudgee. The new dates are June 16 - 19. I won't be responsible for any bookings except for lunch on Friday. I have spoken to the stores to let them know we are visiting. I'm staying at Parklands Resort in a family suite. It's quite an economical option for 4 people. Please book your own accommodation. Personally, I wouldn't pay for anything up front but if you do, please make sure that you are able to cancel at any time with no cost to you. Who knows when the world will turn pear shaped again? I am driving and taking fellow travellers with me. Maybe ask in the group if you need a lift. Feel free...

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January 2020 - road trips, crochet classes, stitch markers and more!!!

Road Trip!!!I’m going on a road trip and I want you to join me 😊Everyone loves a weekend away right? Let’s help our bushfire and drought affected areas by visiting the towns and spending some money.My plan is to encourage as many people as possible to drive to a destination, shop, eat, drink, knit, crochet, stay a night and then do it all again.The only involvement I have is planning the route and deciding on some of the meeting points.You will have to organise your own accommodation in the chosen town or a nearby town and decide whether you want to travel on your own or organise a group to travel with.We will have a group knit/crochet meetup on Saturday...

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